Service List

Contract Review and negotiation

We provide quick, useful and cost effective advice on your clients contracts so you can make fast, well-informed decisions.

Advice is provided in a format that is clear and easily accessible. Key concerns and potential commercial impact are highlighted.

We can assist with negotiating contract changes with your clients.


Agencies often struggle to understand the impact of the relevant regulations, such as:

  • Conduct Regulations
  • Agency Workers Regulations

Hendons LLP can help you understand how to comply with all relevant legislation. Our unique experience working within recruitment companies enables us to provide you with business and commercially focused advice.

Contractor and Client issues

Hendons LLP can help if you have issues with contractors; such as problems resulting from early termination, or allegations from or against contractors.

We may also be able help if you have difficulties with clients in relation to the supply of contractors or the introduction of candidates for permanent employment; in particular, situation where clients re-engage or transfer contractors and associated fees. 


Hendons LLP can review your contracts of employment and handbooks and help with staffing issues.

We can advise on redundancies and changes to terms and conditions.

We are able to provide rapid response to employment issues that may arise.

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